di-da GSD Companions (fka di-da Kennels)

German Shepherds for companion and show

to the new owners of the seven di-da's puppies born to  Dakota and Atlas in April 2009 and 10 pups born to Dakota and Rooster in May of 2010 . . .

Written in 2009 and applicable today ...

As I say good-bye to the last of our first litter, I feel honored to share the joy and beauty of Dakota and Atlas' puppies with the loving homes they are placed with.

Some of these seven are more playful than others, some are more loving, adventurous, stubborn, laid-back or daring. Each carries the beauty of their dam and sire into the new world and are bound to be admired by their new families, close relatives, and passers-by just as they were by my family and I. They met people almost every day, people we knew or just met, young and old, neighbors, and friends of friends. The puppies were admired by those we knew and those we met while enjoying small and large public gatherings, from outdoor concerts to track meets and care centers.

I hope that socialization can continue for these loved ones, to new people and activities. I believe exposure to new people and environments helps develop the confidence and character that German Shepherds are known for, and loyalty to their new masters.  

I am happy for the families who have adopted Dakota's first litter and feel proud knowing that each puppy will bring unconditional love to their new masters and be loved and cared for in return. Most puppies will have a job to perform in their new homes be that performing service work, helping build discipline and confidence in the younger owners, or serving as an anxious and inspirational training partner. Girl or guy, I trust all will become your new best friend (BF).

A final tip -- as each puppy is introduced to the family and friends of their new owners, an opportunity arises to not only share the nature of German Shepherd dogs, but also to enlighten others about white coated GSDs, short or long. To better understand and articulate this heritage, you might find articles on the white German Shepherds website useful.

I will enjoy keeping in touch, whether that be in person, e-mail, or the di-da GSD Companions Group on Facebook.