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Journal - Early Litters

2010 Dakota x Rooster - from fragile newborn to toddler

Posted by Susan Powers on June 16, 2010 at 11:25 PM

events are sequenced so that most recent is listed first

07 September: Andes has now figured out how to climb through the openings or over the chairs I use to block the kitchen from the carpeted living room. She's off exploring the house and coming back with slippers and sacks of candy. She also knows how to ask to come inside, by looking cute and pawing at the sliding door. 

Should I post this in the "preparing for departure" section (smile)? 

06 August: Fuji's ears are both still folded over and Andes' left ear still lies on her head (makes it easier to spot who she is in a puppy pile). Perk them up, little girls!

24 July: From soft floppy folds to perky triangle ears for K2 today.

15 July: both ears up: Sierra, Everest; 1 ear up and 1 down: Fuji; 2 ears partially up: Timmy, Logan, Rocky, Andes, Bear, McKinley; neither ear started up: K2, though I saw her lift both of them when playing outside. It almost appeared intentional.

13 July: Sierra's and Timmy's ears are up!

1 July: the 4 smallest pups (Fuji, Sierra, Timmy, and Everest) get 3 servings of puppy mush today,

the others get 2.

30 June: 2 servings of puppy mush today. eager eaters.

28 June: 1st puppy mush. No learning required here. All eager. Some more polite than others.

23 June: Moving from tippy toddler to little sprinter's.

22 June: Timmy and Logan get into Dakota and Diamond's dry dog food.

21 June: Exploring the area around the house. Can't count on them being in the place I left

them anymore.

20 June: Mowing near the pups, all recognized noise but none shied away (unlike Dakota).

20 June: McKinley's teeth are definitely in. I can feel Timmy's teeth, but aren't as developed

as McKinley's.

19 June: McKineley's front teeth are coming in. Andes also, but not as much.

18 June: Find Everest outside the whelping pool. Timmy's next out.

18 June: The puppies ears are working. They perk up when I enter the room (or maybe they are going by smell?), but also react to the noise of the garage door and voices.

17 June: two more are out of the whelping pen pool

17 June: Andes plays with a toy. Rocky gives me a kiss on the chin when I hold him.

16 June, less than 3 weeks old: All are toddling on all fours, and have been for awhile. Now they're starting to escape from the kiddie pool we used as a whelping pen. The first escapees are Rocky, McKinley and Andes.

16 June: The puppies really seem to be playing with each other -- biting each other on the mouth, pawing at each other. Some seem to scratch themselves, too. When they're placed back into the whelping pool, they seem to move towards their litter mates.

11 June: Sierra walks on all 4's for several steps.

9 June: Their eyes are almost wide open (12 days old)- McKinley, Bear, K2, Fuji, and Andes are open the most; Rocky's are least open.

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