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Journal - Early Litters

2010 Dakota x Rooster - personality notes

Posted by Susan Powers on June 11, 2010 at 9:40 PM

Note -- entries are sequenced with the newest is at the top

04 August - I find it a pleasant surprise that just opening the door to the kennel inside the garage where the pack stays for the night (minus any who are in a crate as they prepare to be away from the pack and in their new homes), many just walk right in, find a pillow to lay on or rest their head, turn around and look at me. Any still in the area go in willingly when I carry them over. Such a cooperative crew ... 

30 July - Sierra convinces me again she's a water dog. She sticks her head to drink from the water coming out of the hose as it fills the pool. No fear. Seems quite natural to her.

25 July - McKinley accompanied me to an outdoor concert in the park. She stayed very close to our picnic table. admired by many on the way to find my friends. She played a little with an 8-month old lab-a-doodle. She's usually more playful. Must be tired. Napped at the feet of a friend. Had a little leash training (her first) on our way to the car. As long as she felt like heading that direction, no problem. But if she felt the pressure of the leash, she laid down or tried to wiggle away. 

23 July - Andes accompanied me to an outdoor viewing of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. She laid down to peacefully next to me while I and a friend petted her. I laid her on her back in my lap, and she just calmly enjoyed the company. Leaving the grounds, I decided to let her walk. She followed at my feet as if she had a leash on. I wonder if this what Diamond was like as a pup.

23 July - It's weigh day, nail clip, and kiddie pool orientation day. Everest is the only pup who stays still when I clip is nails. Timmy stands still when I place him in the water, even when I splash water all over his back to rinse him off. Sierra was almost as good, and Andes was OK.  Are these my doc diving dogs? 

15 July - Ms. tug-of-war winner is K2. She tossled with another white, then Bear and a 3rd white joined in to claim their share of the orange and white tug rope. It was pulled away from K2 but she persisted and pulled it away, marched under the trampoline to mouth it by herself for awhile. Will be interesting to see how the assesments turn out Monday. 

16 June - McKinley is very vocal. She does seem to calm down when I pick her up. Is that reinforcing a bad thing?

11 June - All seem so calm, even when it's been awhile since Dakota's fed them.

3 June - Andes (Ande) seems confused but persistent to find Daktoa. McKinley seems calm

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