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Journal - Early Litters

2010 Dakota x Rooster - toenails painted and clipped

Posted by Susan Powers on June 11, 2010 at 9:35 PM

2 June 2010 - Note to self:

Several of the pups slipped their collars when 4-5 days old. I used their 2-day old pictures to determine the color ribbon to tie, and marked their toenails as a pre-caution.

reddish finger nail polish on right rear toenails = dark blue male pup (Logan)

reddish finger nail polish on left rear toenails = light blue male pup (Everest)

reddish finger nail polish on both rear toenails = black male pup (Rocky)

reddish finger nail polish on left rear toenails = yellow female pup (Sierra)

reddish finger nail polish on right rear toenails = red female pup (McKinley)

8 June -

toenail clip time -- the boys seemed better than the girls.

McKinley was the most fidgety pup we've had this litter and last! oh, no!

dates not noted - 2 more clippings)

24 - 25 June

the boys were clipped on the 24th, the girls the 25th.

calmest remain Logan, Rocky, and K2, though Sierra was surprisingly good this time.

and as far as that goes, McKinley wasn't all that bad, thank goodness.

1 July -

all clipped. didn't seem to grow much since last time. Logan, Andes, and Rocky were the best 3. McKinley was a pain for the first paw, then was very good. Figure that one.

10 July -

although more days have passed than what I want, today's trimming was just a little. The calmest were Andes, Bear, Everest, and McKinley (!). The most wiggly were Rocky and Logan. Sierra laid still but was noisy.
23 July -

Even though it's been awhile since I clipped their nails, there wasn't much to trim. Just squared off the tips. Everest was very tolerant. The best of the bunch. Timmy was one of the better. 

01 August - 

McKinley was pretty good having her nails clipped for the last time. Just the tips, enough to square the nails off.

Fuji got clipped when with me at an outdoor concert. One nail at a time, with wiggles in between. She's usually pretty good. Just wanted to be on her own on a warm night? 

06 August -

Oh my, Timmy did NOT like his nails clipped this afternoon. He wiggled more than he ever has. Sigh and apologies to the new owners! 

11 September - 

The local vet tech school sponsored a bath and clip day. They gave Andes her 1st shower but couldn't cut her nails else cut the quick. I guess she must be wearing her nails down as she frolics around the yard.

March 2011 and 18 May 2011 - 
Getting ready for the conformation shows I splurge and take Andes to PetSmart for a nail trim. She freaked out in March. It took two gals to get the job done, as she wanted off the table. Perhaps it was because I went out of sight? So when we returned in May, I stayed in the room and talked to her. She was very intent on watching me. She smiled the whole time, but again, was most anxious to get off the table and almost jumped over the gate to get out. Hmm ... should I be glad that she seems to be so dependent? or is it loyalty, and that's a good thing?

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