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July 2009 diary - a collection of the little notes I wrote their 2nd month at di-da kennels.

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1 July 2009 - 20:00 - 22:00 Pongo's first [email protected] kitchen sink at di-da kennels


2 July 2 2009 - 11:45 AM - 1:30 PM - @the1st evergreen and north field at di-da kennels

I was awakened around 5:30 this morning to a dog barking. It didn't really sound like Diamond, I knew it couldn't be Dakota, as she was inside the garage with her pups. When I got up to check on what was going on, I could hear no barking.

When I went outside later that morning, both Diamond and Dakota took off running and I saw an animal race up the nearest tree. Diamond and Dakota parked beneath the tree trying to jump up, then seemed to take turns watching. They had treed a raccoon.

The neighbor had warned me last week to not let the pups be outside unattended, as numerous raccoons were stealing his bird seed and no doubt would be interested in little helpless pups.


Thankfully another great white hunter came to the rescue in the afternoon to help isolate the raccoon. Thanks to him, and for Diamond and Dakota keeping the raccoon under control so the puppies could keep safe!


Saturday 4 July 2009 - 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM

4th of July celebration - all OK @ the trampoline in back yard of di-da kennels


We watched the 4th of July fireworks from our backyard. Dakota and Diamond barked at some of the loud fireworks, until my daughter and I settled with the puppies on top of the trampoline. Dakota and Diamond took their usual resting spot beneath the trampoline. Three of the puppies navigated their way to be with their canine mom and grandma. The other five rested very quietly on the trampoline, not jumping and not seeming to notice any of the noise.

Several fell asleep.The pups below the trampoline took advantage of proximity and had a snack while they listened to the oohs and aahs.


Tuesday 7 July 7 2009 - 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

The owners from Iowa visit the pups @ di-da kennels.

Mary and her Iowa State grad student son are vacationing in the Okoboji area. They travel up to  visit the pups today. Mary's affections changed from Lady to Jasmine and back again. Jake seemed to fall in love with Nala but ended up saying it was too hard to choose.

Tuesday 7 July 7 2009 - 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Someof the pups seem to be getting dirty from crawling beneath parked cars. We took Pongo, the fluffiest at this point and gave him his first bath. Although the water didn't seem to phase him, he looked like a wet rat until he dried again. Doesn't appear nearly as chubby when all of that fur is soaking wet!

Friday 10 July 2009 - Adrianne thinks Simba responds to his name. I try and he's one of the 3 who respond.

Friday July 10, 2009 - 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Not liking the leaf blower, just like Patty.

All the pups took off from their feeding when I started up the leaf blower to clean off the loose grass from the mower. I found them all huddled together beneath my car after I stored the mower.

The first to come out were Pongo and Lady, the two who seem to be most laid back. They had been OK with the blower before.

Scurrying away from the blower sound reminded me of when Patty was with us. She was OK when I used our blower, but when the neighbor used his, she'd high tail it out of the neighborhood. She seemed to always navigate to a woman's house across the highway almost a half mile away. We could never figure what was so attractive about that lady's house, but were certainly thankful that Patty arrived safely.


Each of the pups rested quietly in my arms when I gave a few of "helped me" mow the grass today.

Saturday 11 July 2009 - Jasmine's ears are standing up!

Wednesday 15 July 2009 - 4:00 PM - 11:00 PM -conformation, personality, and SAR aptitude tests @ Eclipse Kennels in Elko, MN.

The puppies were tested at Eclipse Kennels, a non-familiar location for conformation, personality, and SAR aptitude. Whether the pup is short, fluffy or long coat was to be confirmed at this time. 

Thursday 16 July 2009 - Friday July 17, 2009

The pups are 6 weeks old today. It's time for their 1st shots and vet check.


Tuesday 21 July 2009 - 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Puppies first visit to vet Dr. Morath @ Planview Animal Clinic in Plainview, MN.


Puppies got their first round of shots and assess for general health. All clean except a minor hernia on Tinker (0.5 on a scale of 1-10) and an undescended testicle on Maverick.


Saturday 25 July 2009 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Socialization at the Rochester Women's Race @ Silver Lake Park in Rochester.

I took Lady, Nala, and Pongo to the Rochester Women's Race this morning.

First of all, I left in in the dog kennel in the back of the Jeep. When I was registering, I could hear what I thought was a puppy cry. When returning to the car to leave my checkbook I found all pups quiet. The noise was coming from somebody else's car. I was so proud!


After the race I let all three out. They eagerly followed me to the water stop and to the awards area. It took quite awhile for me to break away from the curious public to get some after-race refreshments. The pups were the center of attraction and there were lots of questions about what breed they were and why their ear was green.


You puppy owners will find the same reaction when you're out and about I'm sure. It's lots of fun.


Anyway, a little boy about 4 or 5 was a little frightened of the pups and started to run away. I was carrying Brinkley at the time. Nala seemed to be content to play at my feet. Lady eagerly started chasing the little boy. It frightened the little boy at first but he shortly turned it into a game. Soon 4 or 5 little boys were running from one play area to the other, and around in circles. Lady loved it and believe it or not, kept up with them. I think the little play grouped kept this up for a good 10 minutes.


I had to retrieve a paper muffin-wrapper a couple times out of Nala's mouth. A little later I found her trying to get a muffn wrapper from the wire waste basket. Will she have a sweet tooth? Nala spent time here and there, and sometimes alone, not really favoring one group or another.


Brinkley is another story. From the time they got out of the Jeep, he cried. At first I thought he was frightened. But as soon as I picked him up, he quieted down. At one time he was playing with a small group of kids and then left, seemingly on a mission. Heading with what looked like purpose in his step, he walked toward my direction and when he started passing me, he stopped, looked over at me and immediately came to my feet. Then started crying, wanting to be picked up. I asked myself -- is this validation that his assessment as a search and rescue / tracking dog is his mission in life? So cute.

I really thought these 3 would sleep for a long time when we returned. They didn't. After a cool drink of water from the kiddie pool, they started playing with the litter mates who stayed at home and said started to chase Dakota, who of course had to check them out to make sure all was OK.


What a fun morning!

Monday 27 July 2009 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Jasmine and Nala explore the edge of the driveway @ di-da kennels

Is it a coincidence that the two puppies who wandered into the ditch in front of our house this morning were the two that went with me to the concert in the park last night?

The repair guy fixing the sink announced there were 2 bobbing heads in the ditch when he drove in. When I went to the end of the drive to retrieve them, I found first Jasmine peek out of the culvert then Nala come out.What a photo opportunity, missed!

And poor Dakota. She stood watching at the end of her safe spot in the drive. They were beyond where the electric fence is. Little does she (Dakota) know that she hasn't worn her receiving collar since she visited Atlas to become pregnant.


Tuesday 28 July 2009 - 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

neighborhood entertainment - a stream of white @ di-da kennels

I came home from a briefing downtown and find a neighbor admiring two or three of the pups at her feet along our yard as she had stopped to play with the pups while taking her walk. After admiring the family of little fur balls and talking about what they were all about, she suggested we take a couple to her house and surprise or tease her husband about bringing a pup home.


Of course we couldn't carry or lead just one or two of them down the hill -- they all wanted to follow.

So I called Dakota and had her lead our way. All 7 puppies eagerly followed.


Dakota somehow sensed which house we were headed to, and turned into the drive with all 7 puppies in tow. Several pups followed my neighbor into and through her house to find the man of the house while Dakota and the others waited by the deck. As the gentleman came out to greet us, Dakota sensed there were other things in the neighborhood to check out and proceeded to run into the next couple yards. All of the puppies actually did quite well keeping up to their mom.


We finally were able to interrupt Dakota from her ventures. As Dakota reached me first, the shortest route for the pups ended up being to the top of an embankment. All but Nika toppled down the embankment into the flower beds, disappearing into the hostas and appeared again running toward us.

I thought the fun was done, but then found that Dakota decided to take a different route home, by cutting through other neighbors back yards. When she came to my call, none of the pups were in sight. But good mother that she is, she went back to the house where they were, ran a circle around them and headed back to our yard.


So what started as a nice walk in the neighborhood for a neighbor turned out to be a sightful of "ghosts" (woofies as her grandkids call them) and lots of chuckles.


The pups should sleep well tonight. As should we humans.

First the culvert. Now this. What will tomorrow bring?


Wednesday 29 July 2009 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

bath time in kiddie pool @ di-da kennels

Patty and her daughter Christie visit in the morning then come back when it's warmer to help give the pups a bath.

It was very difficult getting them all corraled at the same time. I wanted to put them all in the water together at once, but had to resort to one x one. We had to search the yard a couple times to round them up. But boy did they scoot off after they were released from the pool!


Thursday 30 July - 31 July 2009 - pups are 8 weeks old. Should be ready to travel.

The pups are 8 weeks old Thursday and Friday the 30th and 31st of July . They should be ready to travel meaning they are weaned, socialized withkids, adults, situations, and other animals.


Friday 31 July 31 2009 - 7:30 AM - 11:59 PM

Nika (Tinker) travels to join new family in Fairbanks, Alaska

I drove Nika up to the Jetstream cargo centering supporting the Minneapolis - St. Paul Airport. Nika rode on Alaska Airlines which left at 13:35 to Seattle. She will arrive in Fairbanks around 1:00 CST.

June 2009 diary - a collection of the little notes I wrote their 1st month at di-da kennels.

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6 June 2009 - Tinker and Wilbur got their ribbons pulled off. And Dakota is moving the puppies outside the whelping box in her pen. She must be nervous or something.(Allison's note on the counter as she left for work.) 

7 June 2009 - Dakota moved all of the puppies outside of the whelping box to the area we sit and admire in the pen. I wonder why?

I changed the padding in the whelping pen and moved the pups back into their birthing area. When I checked on them again, Dakota moved them back into our visitation area and was Nala and Lady. The rest were sleeping peacefully.

12 June 2009 - Took the pups out to the grass for their first time. They really loved it. So darling.

All of the puppies seem to have very good markings, meaning deep black noses and paw pads, and "mascara" eyes. Green collar male has pinkish nose on the outer part of his nose. I'm told that will fill in.

Also noted that the black collar male is so calm.

Michael from across the street came to visit. He wanted to hold the blue collar (male) first, then all of them. Very cute. He was quite good with them.

14 June 2009 - Simba opens his eyes a little today.

Dakota is starting to leave the pups alone a little if she has a choice, but checks back and understands what their noises mean - i.e. whether they need attention or not.

15 June 2009 - Jasmine opens her eyes a lot today.

16 June 2009 - Pongo openes his eyes. Jasmine's are open about 80% today.

Diamond seems to be gently interested from across the kennel fence. We let her loose with them and she was no problem. King of like an aunt - trying to clean the all.

17 June 2009 - Diamond helps clean Tinker and Nala, very gently.

I take all of the puppies to the rolnald McDonald House. It was so much fun! There were bunches of people and lots of interest.

I had the puppies in the pool when it started raining. They looked like little rats again, like they were born. I dried them with towels and warmed them under the heat lamp.

Nala takes a few steps. Exciting.

Jasmine is so pretty with her eyes open!

18 June 2009 - The black collared male jumps when he hears a noise in the kitchen, like a pan clanging or something.

By accident, I put Diamond in the whelping pen with the puppies today instead of Dakota. All went OK though!

19 June 2009 - Jasmine is cleaning Pongo's private parts. Hmm..

Nala and Tinker are sucking each other on the mouth, like they're kissing.

21 June 2009 - Red collar female (Laedy) likes to hug you with her front paws when you hold her across your arms.

22 June 2009 -

Nika and Pongo do mouthing (very soft bites with their mouth) play with each other, just like Dakota and Diamond do.Lady looks up very sweetly. All are starting to play with each other very well.

I held the pups over the fountain pool and placed just their feet and ankles in. Red collar female, Lady, was OK in the water, treading water with her feet for awhile. She did enjoy lapping up the water while I held her. Purple collar female, Jasmine, was a little fussy, but lapped up the water eagerly. Green collar male, Wilbur, was very calm and unafraid. He didn't want to drink. Black collar male stood in the water very calmly and lapped eagerly. Sorry, I don't have notes on blue collar male, Simba :-(

23 June 2009 - 3 or 4 of the pups are trying to nurse on Diamond. And she was quite willing to let them try.

25 June 2009 - All are pretty independent walkers now, especially in the grass. The floor inside is pretty slippery for them. Fun to watch.

Yellow collar female, Tinker, is very vocal. My daughters say all of the girls are more vocal than the boys. This morning Tinker was vocal because she was hungry.

I dipped the pups in the fountain pool again. Two started to dog paddle, orange collar Nala was one. Black collar lapped the water, purple collar Jasmine enjoyed licking her cool feet afterwards.

26 June 2009 - Adrianne lets Jasmine lick her empty tuna can. I told her I thought this was too early for pups to have fresh fish. ?

We took 3-week pictures today. Jasmine is standing up! Some puppies don't really, so I took the pictures on the counter.

Pongo likes to hug my hands when I hold him in my arms, then realxes until I try to put him down, then he hugs me again.

1 July 2009 - puppy play in kitchen

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1 July 2009

The pups played a lot with each other, entertaining my daughter and her friend and I in our kitchen. Fun to watch their "growl" play and see them playing tug-of-war. I wish I had my camera ready when  Dakota gently pawed at Lady (for Lady and the Tramp, the red collar female) to invite her to play. Lady reciprocated.


visit Ronald McDonald as a litter

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We all get to go to the Ronald McDonald House tonight. Each of us sat in a different lap and mostly slept. When we did get put down for a minute, we show off our little jog across the floor chasing the latest action. The kids really enjoyed us. Paige carried Lady (red collar female) and James carried Pongo (black collared male) from the car so the basket wasn't quite so heavy to carry the other 5 puppies inside. Another fun day of sharing.