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Journal - Early Litters

2010 Dakota x Rooster - preparing for departure

Posted by Susan Powers on July 30, 2010 at 11:20 AM

Events sequenced with newest at top:

Note -- Events with a ** are recorded here and duplicated in "prepare for departure" journal entry -- until I can figure out how better to handle.

08 October - Andes is going to spend the week-end with a potential sister and new mom. Glad that she slept solo (apart from Diamond and Dakota) last night, on the chance the trial works well.

She had a bath tonight. I'll have to cut the tar out of her tail, evidence of just one more of my projects (tarring the driveway). The paint on the fur on her foot will have to grow out, as it's oil based, and I'm not going to drip her paw into paint thinner :-)

3 September - K2 Katy is being picked up this afternoon. She is ready for some one-on-one attention. Not sure if she'll miss Dakota more than Dakota will miss her. They have been constant playmates these last couple of weeks while David was on his fishing trip.

11-12 August: 

Sierra and Fuji spent a night together in the crate and with K2 and Rocky the next night. One of the pups fussed, but couldn't tell whether it was one of the crate occupants or one of the pair in the kennel. 

06 August:

Timmy spends the night in the crate, already loaded in the car. No fuss, no noise any of the 2-3 times I packed things into the car. We're headed to a show near the Cities in the morning, where Dakota will compete in a Brood Bitch event premiering Brinkley and Jasmine from her 1st litter (not 1 year old), and also running in tandem with Diamond in a Brace event. Then off to catch a flight to take Timmy to his new home. 

30 July:

Looks like Logan is leaving a day earlier than planned. Someone living in northern MN contacted Judy looking for a pup. Turns out he used to live in Rochester and was coming down Thursday! He's agreed to take Logan back to his new family -- saving them the travel, which is Godness (smile). 


Logan spent last night in a crate with a teammate, this time with K2 (Katy). Their crate faced a 2nd crate with McKinley and Bear. McKinley's also in crate training as she leaves Sunday. She slept with the blanket her new mom sent to her. 5 of the other pups were in the part of the kennel in the garage (free to go through the doggie door to the outside part of the kennel, but didn't).  

There was some talking going on after I shut the light off. 

No soiling or wetness in either of the crates -- 10:45 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. :-) Same story for the 5 in the interior kennel. 



And ... the lucky pup to spend the night inside with me was Andes. What a doll -- she had the roam of the kitchen area, laying on the dog bed at times with mommy Dakota, at other times off to the side, or on my lap, on another doggie bed by my side, or in a corner. And guess what -- no "accidents" the whole night.

I'm very impressed and hope the new owners will be too.  

28 July**: Timpanogos (Timmy) tries out the carry-on I will be taking him to his new family in. Loaded as a backpack, we bike to church. Not a peep from him, even biking over the Rainbow Trail and walking down the incline. I let him out as I check the flower gardens. He's curious about the new surroundings, but stays real close. Rather than load him into the backpack carrier again, he follows me across the church grounds and back up the hill where I left my bike. Probably a 1/4 mile hike for the little legs, but he kept up. And no complaints. Again, no peeps on the way home. As I unzipped the carry-on, he climbed right out with mommy Dakota greeting him with a kiss.

27 July**: More crate training. Not sure who the partners are, but McKinley, Logan, Rocky, and Andes are paired in the two crates. 5 are in the outdoor kennel. Fuji stays with me inside. My daughter takes Fuji outside -- she does piddle as she's picked up and carried out, but the kitchen/family room where we slept, all's fine. The other 5 somehow got out of the outdoor kennel, and came running to greet us. The 4 from the crates are also eager to get out, but no accidents. You're welcome new owners :-) That's what life is all about here at di-da kennel companions ... 

26 July: To help prepare the 1st departees for crate training, Logan and McKinley stay in a crate in the garage. The other 8 are in the outdoor kennel. Some noise, but nothing intolerable. Do you believe it? All are eager to get out in the morning. No accidents in the crates and only 1 mess in the outdoor kennel!

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