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5 girls and 6 boys born Thursday the 16th of June 2022

Di-Da's Knight in Shining Armour   (sire)
Rus Pride Izar Ekaterina v Di-Da  (dam)

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Journal: 2021 Litter News 

++  Health certifications, awards and other facts about Katrina & Sir Lancelot ++ 

The odds are amazing -- both parents have OFA rated Excellent hips and Normal elbows! 

The excellent rating puts each of these parents in the top 10% of OFA certified German Shepherds.  Coupled with the best ratings for MDR and DM you can ask for (MDR n/n and DM clear/clear), Sir Lancelot and Katrina pass a wonderful health heritage to progeny!   

Sir Lancelot was my pic puppy from Katy and Titan's 2017 litter. He is a UKC Champion, and an Int'l and National Champion in IABCA. He is the first male I have owned and I love him to pieces! 
Katrina came to me from Moscow as a puppy. She earned her National & Int'l championships in the IABCA in her first week-end of shows in the United States. Katrina's dam is Rus Pride Enjoy LifeHer sire is the #1 dog in all of Russia: Lars Di Chiara Sorgente

About Di-Da GSD Companions *

Thank you for visiting di-da GSD Companion's website. We are located in Rochester, MN, home of the Mayo Clinic and about 75 miles south of the Twin Cities. Di-Da is named for our first two white female German Shepherds, Diamond and Dakota. We currently just have Dakota (born January 2007) and her grandson Sir Lancelot (born February 2017). Andes is now a service dog in Wisconsin and has been certified for seizure detection. 

Health is very important to our dogs and those we breed to in order to optimize the opportunity for strong health in Di-Da's prodigee. Before producing progeny, each of the females and males we breed as well as their mates must have passed the recommended health tests for German Shepherds, as cited by the Canine Health Information Center: http://www.caninehealthinfo.org/brdreqs.html?breed=GS 

We specialize in socialization and believe it is key to the development of your pet. Every event is an opportunity to introduce our puppies to the world in a secure and trusting fashion. The puppies are exposed to typical and not-so-typical events in their short time at Di-Da GSD Companions. They experience life around the yard, prairie, home, parks, traveling in cars, are exposed to loud noises by riding on my lap when mowing the grass, being nearby when starting the snow blower, and when the Wednesday weather siren screams less than 1/2 block away. We expose them to life amidst commotion including being around kids and their activities and other animals. They are introduced to older adults, periodically stay in a kennel run, and spend their last few nights at Di-Da in a crate. They are primed with curiosity and eagerness to please and ready to bond with you and your family as they leave Di-Da GSD Companions to become your "BFF" (best friend forever). 

* Di-Da transitioned away from our original tag of Di-Da Kennels to Di-Da GSD Companions, as we are a family who loves GSDs 'first' and are a 'kennel' next. 

Show News and Brags -- Di-Da Knight in Shining Armour -
Sir Lancelot
at 4-1/2 months of age takes UKC Best Petite Puppy in Red Pine, MI. At 8 months he earned his National and International Champions at the IABCA show in Hutchinson, MN. And at just a day short of one year, Sir started -- and finished -- his UKC Championship in Ixonia WI. From Best Petite Puppy in Show to 3 champions before the age of one ! The judges love his movement and his temperament - go Sir ! Did I say I love this boy ? !  

February 2018 - Sir Lancelot - UKC Championship title at Dodge County show in Ixoia, MN
November 2017 - Sir Lancelot - Nat'l and Int'l Championship titles at the IABCA Shows in Hutchinson, MN 
July 2017 - Sir Lancelot - Best in Show Novice Puppy at UKC show in Le Seur, MN   
April 2016 - Results of Katy's OFA x-rays -- good hips and normal elbows. Yes ! Just like mommy Dakota ! 
21-22 June 2015 - Katy earns her Intercontinental Intermediate Championship championship at the ICKC shows in Carrolton, Tx 
7-8 February 2015 - Katy earns her 2nd and 3rd competitive win taking Group III of V then BoB / Group II of V. She is now a UKC Champion. 
7-8 February 2015 - Oskar earns 35 points and a competitive win in both of the UKC shows he entered. He now has two competitive wins and 70 points towards his UKC Champion. 
September 2014 - Di-Da's Lady Katherine WWK, GBF Katy - Best in Show Novice Puppy at UKC show in Twin Cities
May 2014 - di-da's Captain Black Malachi (Oskar) test results - MDR normal / normal
May 2014 - di-da's Kimi der Weisse (Tarragon / Terry) earns 2 legs towards his IABCA National Championship
May 2014 - di-da's Captain Black Malachi (Oskar) earns his 3rd leg to earn his Int'l IABCA Championship and takes Best Bred By Exhibitor 
October 2013 - di-da's Captain Black Malachi (Oskar) earns 2 legs towards his IABCA Championship, 2 VS-1 levels 
October 2013 - di-da's Lady Alexandria Andes earns her 3rd leg for an IABCA Championship, 3 VS-1 levels
October 2013 - di-da's Lady Alexandria Andes takes Best Bred by Exhibitor at the IABCA show
September 2013 - di-da's Lady Alexandria Andes earns her Therapy Dog International Certificate 
April 2013 - Eclipse Diamond 'n Dakota, GBF earns the next level of TDI award. (Susan to check date) 
April 2013 - di-da's Lady Alexandria Andes earns her two legs towards an IABCA championship 
April 2012 - di-da's Brinkley von Augustine earns his UKC Grand Champion. 
February 2012 - di-da's Lady Alexandria Andes - Best Female, Best of Winners, Best of Breed, and Group IV to finish her UKC Championship 
September 2011 - Eclipse Diamond 'n Dakota, GBF  - Therapy Dog International (TDI) certificate
April 2011di-da's Rocky von Kerstone - two best males for two competitive wins towards his UKC Championship 
February 2011 - di-da's Lady Alexandria AndesCanine Good Citizen (CGC) at 8 months of age
December 2010 - di-da's Lady Alexandria Andes - wins her age class and takes reserve female in her debut appearance in UKC
November 2010 - di-da's Rocky von Kerstone takes Best of Breed (BOB) puppy in all three UKC shows in Norman, OK's, his debut appearance
October 2010 - di-da's Brinkley von Augustine earns his UKC Championship at 16 months of age
spring 2009 - Eclipse Diamond 'n Dakota, GBF earns her UKC Championship

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